Vietnam: rising dragon

The most comprehensive account of the country today, aimed at a general reader

Based on vivid eyewitness accounts and personal experience, this book tries to explain how Vietnam 'works'. It portrays a breathtaking period of social change that has seen capitalism flooding into its nominally communist society, booming cities swallowing up smaller villages, and the lure of modern living tugging at the traditional networks of family and community.

The book addresses a broad variety of issues in today's Vietnam, including important shifts in international relations, the growth of civil society, economic developments and challenges, and the nation's nascent democracy movement. With a firm sense of historical and cultural context, it examines how these issues have emerged and where they will lead Vietnam in the next stage of its development.

About the Book

A lively, readable introduction to contemporary Vietnam making sense of a complex and misunderstood society. It tells the story of Vietnam from the end of the ‘American War’ until the late 2000s and lifts the lid to show how the country works today. How has the ruling Communist Party remained in power, even as everything else changes around it?

The ten chapters cover the economy, rural life, city life, politics, the media, the dissident movement, environmental issues, regional and ethnic differences and international relations. This is a book for anyone who wants to go beyond the tourist images of this fascinating country and find out what’s really going on.

Through the stories of ordinary, and extraordinary, people the book illustrates the richness and complexity of modern Vietnam in a lively and highly readable style.

Genre: Current Affairs
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication Year: 2020 (2nd edition)
ASIN: 9780300249637
ISBN: 9780300249637
“…he seems to have figured out how all the gears mesh in this Southeast Asian paradox, where economic dynamism exists alongside political control, corruption alongside discipline, and a youth culture alongside a nanny state.”
"a balanced, intelligent account"
"this excellent book"
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